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Environment - a model of sustainable viticulture

At Quinta D'Amares we are committed with protecting the environment and the ecological balance of our vineyards and Vinhos Verdes Region. For this reason, we have developed a sustainable viticulture model that allows us to produce Vinho Verde, directly from our vineyards, in an ecologically responsible way.
  • Quinta D'Amares
The grapes used in Quinta D'Amares wines were produced in accordance with the Integrated Sustainable Agriculture Production guidelines, as defined by the International Organization for the Fight Against Biodiversity (OILB/IOBC). The strict compliance with these practices is certified by an independent organization (SATIVA-Control and Certification of Products), recognized by the Portuguese State.
Always concerned with environmental issues, in 2005, Quinta D'Amares joined the Packaging Collection and Treatment System (see Ponto Verde), and in 2013 we built a BIOLOGICAL WASTE (Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Plant) .
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