History The Monastery "Mosteiro de Santo André de Rendufe" was one of the most important national Benedictine Monasteries, developing continuously until the fifteenth century.

When D. João I ascended the throne, a question raised between the abbot Afonso Martins and the archbishop of Braga caused the latter to obtain from the Pope an authorization for the extinction of the Monastery. The main works that can be seen today in the Monastery date back to the 18th century, when the new church was built.

The interior finishes were only completed in 1755, happening the works of the church in parallel with those of the convent buildings.From 1780 is the "Capela do Santíssimo Sacramento", and deserves particular attention the set of rococo carving that decorates the church, one of the most important in the north of Portugal.

After 1834 the church became parochial, and the fence and other facilities were sold and later lost in a fire that consumed much of the old Monastery. 

The emergency response program and the recovery plan, rehabilitation and recovery that IPPAR currently has underway, aimed at preserving what still remains without losing sight of the possibility of acting globally on the Monastery in the near future.

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